Friday, August 12, 2011

wallows of my soul

I just hate myself. I'm not really this way but I feel like I need a break.

When I'm with my family or friends, they don't seem to see me or if I talk, I don't seem to fit in. It feels like I really don't belong and it hurts. My brother doesn't seem to like me at all even though we've been together for our whole lives now. It feels like I live in a real different world where rules are different and they don't understand me. It really breaks my heart to see that I am not part of them even though I do my best to become even the tiniest part to just see that I'm important.

I am just a stranger.

I belong to no one.

I am no one.

and...I will never be someone.

I am nothing but a speck of dust to disappear into thin air, worthless and unimportant.

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